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Pest Control Solutions for Home or Business!

Families and businesses in the Sacramento region depend on Pest Control Center, Inc to deliver industry leading pest control and weed control solutions. We specialize in getting your pests or weeds GONE… guaranteed! Our customers reward these attributes by remaining loyal year after year and decade after decade.

Our advanced team of technicians will come in, assess, diagnose, offer a solution and treat a variety of pest or horitculture issues all within your budget!

It really IS this simple!

Pest Control, it really is simple

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Pest control center president Steve Scoville A Word From Our Pres
On June 1st, 2015 I will have been in the pest control business earning a paycheck for 40 years. That is a long time and I am super glad I chose this as my career. In my college days I wanted to be an accountant or a drafting engineer, but in the summer I turned 19 years old, making $2.50 an hour, minimum wage, passing my Termite License test, I decided this was my career path.   [Read More]

Delusional Parasitosis Delusional Parasitosis
Periodically someone will come in to our office or call us on the phone complaining of tiny pests biting them, often at night. Sometimes they will have physical symptoms such as rashes or sores and scabs. Some say they’ve seen doctors and tried everything; Home remedies, over the counter pesticides, professional pest control services, but nothing seems to help.   [Read More]

Termiticides Timeline Termiticides Timeline - April 15, 1988: A DAY OF INFAMY
The termite industry has come a long way since the day chlordane was removed from the market as commercial termiticide – on Tax Day, no less. This was the last day any of the other cyclodiene termiticide, including chlordane, could be used legally in the United States, except for some special uses such as underground cable protection and electric terminals for ant control.  [Read More]

Bark Beetles - are your trees stressed and under attack Are Your Trees Stressed and Under Attack?
As we all know by now we’re in a drought for the fourth year. And with that comes stress on our lives, the lives of our pets, plants and yes even the insects and bugs will be stressed. We will all be looking for water.

But our plants and especially our trees will not only be under stress from lack of water but also from bugs. Because they are in a weakened state bugs are more likely to attack. One such bug is the Bark Beetle.   [Read More]

Be Flea Free Be Flea Free!
Your dog or cat had fleas. You went to the vet to have them treated. You came home and you still have fleas biting you. Now what? If you’ve treated your pet for fleas you need to also treat your home and yard so that you stay flea free! [Read More]

From The Bushes - Save Your Trees!
So, we begin 2015 in a forth consecutive year of drought. It’s all over the news, the lack of snow in the Sierras, the governor’s declaration and the water districts now scrambling to comply. Yep, another season of irrigation restrictions to look forward to.  [Read More]

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