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Don't Bring Hitchhikers Home on Your Christmas Tree!

Thanksgiving is almost here! That means friends and family and food… and quite possibly going out and cutting down your Christmas tree! Many tree farms open the day after Thanksgiving giving families a great opportunity to go out and cut down their own tree.
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winter is a key season in the battle of pest protection

Winter is a key season in the battle of pest protection

Winter is upon us; A time when nature seems to take a rest. But things are not always as they seem. In the world of pest control there is still a lot of work to do, especially when you consider the mild nature of winter in California’s lower elevations.
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Are there pests in your packages?

Pests in Your Packages?

Ho Ho Ho…tis the season! The season we ship items to family and friends, make online purchases and when loved ones are sending us beautifully wrapped presents to put under our trees to be opened on the Big Day! But I bet you never thought those beautifully wrapped items could be hiding stowaways did you? Oh but they can… of the pest variety of course!
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Pest Identification

Ever wonder what a particular bug is? Find out by looking through our Pest Identification page.


From The Bushes

Weeds can be a problem year round in your landscape. These unwanted plants (or plants out of place) come in all sizes and shapes and can not only arrive in the form of seeds from your neighbors but also from neighboring counties falling out of the sky after being lifted up by air movement.
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